Everyone that cares about form and health , can eat a light sauce made pasta meal without worry. Pasta contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals for the body, and does not fatten...
Name and Taste of Happiness
Pasta dose not Fatten
Nutrition Pyramid & Pasta
Story of Pasta

Name and Taste of Happiness...

Pasta is a result of frienship of since thousands years the staple food of people; wheat and the source of life; water.. Hard durum wheat semolina and water, after which the dough has been shaped in the front firing patterns are reviewed, there is such a simple story of pasta...

Actually the comperative advantage of pasta rather than other foodstuffs comes with its functionality result from this simplicity. Pasta has ability to adapt, almost all the world's vegetables,spices and condiments, with this feature it is sometimes in the entree menu to prepare stomaches to the next stage and sometimes can turn into a delicious main dish.

Although we consume pasta mostly with ketchup, tomato sauce, cheese and yogurt in Turkey, in fact it can create interesting combinations with all meat and vegetable kinds as well as seafood. With this feature pasta is sometimes a master chef's specialty and often indispensable of bachelors and students, or sometimes savior of the housewifes.

Pasta; gives power, is filling, and protector of the body..
Pasta; because it contains many vitamins and minerals, is a high protein source of nutrition. It contains many amino acids which are not produced in our bodies. When it is mixed with meat,chichen or milk products as cheese or legumes, quality of protein increases and it becomes a meal which contains all amino acids..

Pasta is an easy and quick cooking food. Although the cooking time depends on the kind, you can cook your prefer at most 10 minutes.. If you consider that it is possible to prepare sauce while cooking the pasta, it emerges that pasta dishes can be served quickest. So thanks to pasta that can be both enrgy saving but also to save time.
Pasta is cheaper rather than many foods. Even it is cheaper than bread at weight basis. This feature also carries the distinction of being the most low-cost meals.

One of the most important features many pasta dishes that suit all tastes and how can it be confused with. Pasta excellently harmonize with all varieties of meat, cheese, and vegetables, every type of sauce and spices; from mayonnaise to mustard, thyme to cream. So that is compatible, builds friendships with all kind of ingredients.


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